College Rules Discount

College Rules Makes Me Miss College!

College Rules is the ultimate in hot co-ed action on the internet. It reminds me of what it was like to be in college with all those lovely things running around looking for their next date and all of the guys wondering what it would be like to be with them.

The great thing about College Rules is that you don’t have to wonder about these women. With the college rules discount available, you find out just how good they are for cheap. All of the women that I have watched on the site are absolutely stunning and motivated to prove that they deserve the $5000 grand prize for submitting the best video.

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If you are into the group scenes, then this is a great site as well. The groups of women and the boys they are with are conscious of putting on a good show for the viewers. It was surprising at how well these amateurs perform when the camera is on. You have to check out the College House videos or the Car Wash video. I found myself watching these two over and over again.

Everyone who has been to college remembers how crazy parties can be. You will surely love how you will be treated when you go to college and that is something you will never forget. Who hooks up with who is an intramural sport in college. The College Rules discount lets you relive those memories while creating all new ones with the amazing women willing to do anything to win the prize money.

Playing truth or dare was never as good as I saw on this site. The dares were inventive to say the least. It is well worth the money to become a subscriber. The videos are fresh and I like the idea that the participants are all willing to take part. Many porn sites feature videos of college co-eds that have been filmed in secret.

College Rules… rules!

Finally, I have to admit that the girl on girl action is some of the best I have ever seen. Most of the girls are just experimenting with being lesbian or bi and I find it terribly erotic to watch.

These videos make me miss college!