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I found my favorite porn stars at Wicked Pictures. Too many websites just give you snippets of the videos that you want to watch. Not on this site. It is well worth the subscription price to be able to watch porn stars like Bonnie Rotten.

I have not found another site with such variety of stars doing what they do best.

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One of things I like the most is the selection of movies and the wicked pictures discount that are available. There are titles going back to the 90’s. Literally thousands of scenes and full movies available for members to download. Every week there are new videos added as well, so the content stays fresh.

I like the idea that all of the participants in wicked videos practice safe sex and use condoms. It makes it seem more real to me.

The video player is a major sales point for me. I can’t stand sites that have video that pauses all the time. This site is smooth and downloads take no time at all.

You should check out the pictures area as well. I like the stills of some of the best in porn. I found pictures of Jenna Jameson and Asa Akira, two of my all time favorite girls in porn.

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The links and extras are cool too. I particularly like the live cam performances by some of the biggest names in the adult industry. Being able to search for my favorite stars and then go directly to their videos is a great feature that makes this site worth having just for it’s ease of use. Further, you can pick out your favorite scenes from the library of videos and choose to play them instead of having to fast forward though a whole movie to get to what you are looking for. It saves time and who really watches porn for the dialogue anyway?

When I take all of these things into account I am glad I joined the site and I highly recommend Wicked Pictures to anyone looking for a real porn experience without all the hassle of loading or reloading clips just to get them to play.